You create your social media posts for the various networks via the Post Plan in the Publisher. To do this, click on the Create Post button or directly in the calendar on the day the post should be published.

The post creation is divided into several areas, which you should work on one after the other.

General settings


Delete content from the networks

Complete Post Creation



Promote Posts

General settings

First of all, fill in some general information about the post.

  • Name: Enter an internal title here. This is only visible in the Post Plan.

  • Publication date: Specify when the post should be published. If you want to post it directly, leave this field blank. Otherwise, the publication date must be at least 15 minutes and at most 12 months in the future.

  • Post owner: Select a facelift team member here who should be responsible for the post.

  • Campaign: If the post should be assigned to a campaign, you can do so here.

  • Events: If you want to assign the post to an event, you can do so here.

  • Tags: Add one or more tags to the post. The tags are displayed in the post preview in the Post Plan. Here you also have the option of filtering by tags.


After you have made the general settings, you should fill your post with content. To do this, select the tab for the corresponding network and create content for one or more networks.

You also have the option of using the Quickfill function. This allows you to prepare content for several networks at the same time and then make channel-specific adjustments.

First, select the type of post (e.g. photo or status post) and then add the corresponding content. Then, let your creativity run free and write an appropriate text for your post. You also have the option of using emojis here.

Click on the plus symbol below the text field if you want to add a file to your post (e.g. a picture). Your media library will open. You can then select the appropriate file or upload it directly. You also have the option of editing pictures here.

A preview is displayed to the right of the text field. You can see what the post will look like in the selected network.

Decide on which profiles of the network the post should be published. You can select one or more profiles.

πŸ’‘ Depending on the network, there are different options and restrictions regarding the post types and file formats.

πŸ‘‰ In the Knowledge Base you will find an article for each network that shows you the specifics.

Delete content from the networks

Basically, all entries you make are saved locally until you click Save, Schedule or Publish. This means that you can reload the post creation without losing progress.

If you want to delete the content for a specific network, click on the networks logo and confirm that you want to remove this content.

Complete Post Creation

You have various options to complete the post creation. The availability of the options depends on your permissions. All actions can be carried out using the buttons at the top right of the screen.

πŸ‘‰ Save

The post will be saved as a draft and visible to your team members and you in the Post Plan. It will not be published in this status.

πŸ‘‰ Schedule / Publish directly

Depending on whether you have specified a publication date, you can now schedule the post for the future or publish it directly. It will then be automatically sent to the selected networks at the selected time and published.

πŸ‘‰ Get approval

Get approval from one or more team members before the post is published. The release strategies are defined by your Company Admin. Select one of the approval strategies, and the process starts. You can check the status in the approval overview.


You can use the briefing function to add additional information to the post in the form of text and files from the media library. The briefing is only available internally and can be accessed by you and your team members by opening the post via the post plan.

Use the briefing to store contextual information about your post. This can be used, for example, to pass on information from the creative team to the social media team.


Use the discussion in posts you have already created to discuss with facelift users and external colleagues. You can use it after saving your post or by clicking on a post in the Post Plan.

In addition to internal users, you have the option of contacting any person via a valid e-mail address. Participants in the discussion will be sent the discussion and a preview of the post by e-mail and can then participate in the discussion directly by e-mail.

Learn more about using the discussion in this article.

Promote Posts

πŸ‘‘ This feature is only included in certain facelift plans. Find out about plans and prices here.

In addition to promoting Facebook and Instagram posts in facelift Advertising, you can also do this for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts directly from the Publisher's post plan. The post must have already been published. It should therefore have the status Successful.

Click on the desired post in the post plan so that it opens in the overview. Then select Promote post in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You can now select the profiles on which the post should be promoted.

Click Open Network in new tab, and you will be redirected to the corresponding networks. With the pre-filling of the post and page ID, you can then promote the post with just a few clicks. For the promotion to work, you must have the appropriate permissions on the network and access to the profile.

πŸ’‘ Make sure that you have not activated a pop-up blocker in your browser. Otherwise, there may be problems opening the new tabs.

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