In the Post Plan, there are various filter options that you can use to restrict which posts are displayed. You can also customise the view of the calendar. This article gives you an overview of the options.


Filter settings


In your Post Plan, you can switch between different calendar views.

Select whether you want to see campaigns and/or events in your Post Plan or not. You can also set whether the tags in the post preview should be displayed with names or only with coloured symbols.

Filter settings

Set one or more filters to see exactly the posts that are relevant to you.

  • Campaigns: With this item you can select campaigns that you or a team member have created. The posts that have been assigned to the campaigns you have selected are displayed.

  • Events: Select events created by you or a team member here to see only posts that have been assigned to these events.

  • Network: Select multiple networks or a single network here. You will only see posts that have been published on or planned for one of these networks.

  • Page Groups: You can also filter by Facebook page groups. This way you will only see the posts for which the selected page group was selected in the Post Creation.

  • Page Owner: Restrict the search by Post Owner to see only the posts assigned to those people.

  • Profiles: Filter by profile to see only posts that have been published on or are planned for those profiles.

  • Status: Only display posts with a certain status. For example, all scheduled posts or those that still need to be approved.

  • Tag: All tags created by you or a team member are displayed here. Use it to filter for posts that have been tagged with one tag or multiple tags together.

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