In the Media Library you can upload and manage all the files you want to use in facelift. Use categories to structure them and team assignment to make files accessible to specific teams. You will also find an image editor to adapt your images to network requirements or to make final edits.

Upload, edit and delete files


Filter and Bulk Select Mode

Limit and formats

Required permissions

Upload, edit and delete files

You can easily upload your files via the desktop, access Dropbox or use our Censhare integration. When uploading, you can decide directly on which teams to assign the files to.

If you want to edit your image afterwards, you can simply click on it to open the editing mode. Here you can change the title, add descriptions and categories and edit the image.

👉 Delete files and change team assignment

If you want to delete a file hover over the file and click on the recycle bin icon.

To change the team assignment, click on the key symbol.

👑 The team assignment is only included in certain facelift plans. Find out about plans and prices here.


Categories are an effective way of structuring your library. You can create categories on the Categories tab in the left-hand menu and edit them by clicking on the three-dot menu. A category always has a name and optionally a description. Images can be assigned to several categories. This way you can always find the assets you need via the filter.

Filter and Bulk Select Mode

In the menu on the left, you will already find the differentiation of various file types. If you want to filter your media library further, use the filter in the top right-hand corner.

The Bulk Select Mode allows you to perform the following actions for several assets at the same time:

  • Assign Categories

  • Add Teams

  • Delete

To do this, simply use the Bulk Selection Mode button, select the relevant files and then select the desired action.

Limits and formats

The size limit for image files is 15 MB max. and the limit for video files is 20 GB max.

There are no media type restrictions when uploading to the Media Library. When uploading the following file formats, the library will automatically recognise them as videos:

📹 mp4, avi, mpeg, mov, mkv, webm, ogv, flv, wmv, mpg, divx

However, certain media limits apply for the different networks. You can find the guidelines here.

💡 Not every video format is supported by every browser without a plugin, this can lead to an error message. When posting, however, the video is converted so that it can be viewed in every channel as well as on mobile devices.

Required permissions

Separate options are available for access and permissions for the media library in general and the categories contained therein:

Media Library:

  • Create Media Files

  • Read Media Files

  • Update Media Files

  • Delete Media Files


  • Create Categories

  • Update Categories

  • Delete Categories

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