Permission Sets define which areas in facelift users have access to and which actions they can perform within these areas. As a Company Admin, you can define and assign your own Permission Sets for different roles in your company.

Predefined Permission Sets

Create your own Permission Set

💡 While Permission Sets define access to the different areas and editing permissions for individual users, general access to content can be granted or restricted by team assignment.

Predefined Permission Sets

facelift comes with four Permission Sets that we have already created for you. These four Permission Sets cannot be deleted or modified as they ensure the functionality and security of facelift.

  • Company Admin: User who has access to all areas, profiles, permissions and users and manages facelift for the company

  • Team Admin: User who can take over the administration of the users within their team independently of the Company Admin

  • Default User with Full Access: Standard User who has full reading and writing access to all areas, but access to content such as profiles or media files can be restricted via teams.

  • Social Share: User who can use Social Share

Create your own Permission Set

You create Permission Sets in the Admin Settings in the Settings. You can choose between full access, read-only and custom settings. Custom settings allow you to set the permissions for this Permission Set individually.

By clicking on Create Permission Set, you open the creation mode. Here you give the profile a name (e.g. Community Management or Working Student). Via Add Module, you can now select the various areas of facelift individually, add them to the Permission Set and directly adjust the individual permissions within the area.

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