As a facelift Admin, you can create users, set and edit their permissions and assign them to teams. You can find your users in the settings under Admin Settings.

Create users

Delete users

Buy users

Create users

In the user overview in the settings, you can see how many new users you may add until your limit is reached. The number on the left tells you the number of standard users; in the middle, you can find the admin spots left, and on the right, you can see the social share users. If your limit is reached, you have the option to buy new users.

To create new users, go to Create User. You then fill out all the required information and save the entries.

  • Active: If a checkmark is set here, the user will be able to log in.

  • First and last name: Enter the entire first and last name.

  • Email: This email address will be used for the activation email, login and notification emails. If this email address is invalid, users will not be able to log in.

  • Username: Set the username. New users can use this name as login. If you do not define a username, it will be the e-mail address.

  • Teams: Assign the user to at least one team. This defines who the user works with and what content they can access.

  • Permission sets: Assign one or more permission sets to the user. These define what they are allowed to do and which areas of facelift are available to them.

  • Start modules: Here, you can define which area is called up first after login.

  • Language: facelift is available in English, German and French. The user can change the language at any time via their own account settings.

  • Time zone: You can manually adjust the time zone. This setting can be changed later by the user in their profile settings.

💡 To enable the person you have just added to log in to facelift, you must send an activation email. To do this, select the user in question from the user overview and click on Send Activation Email in the top right-hand corner.

Delete user

To delete users, select them in the overview and click on Delete in the three-point menu.

When deleting an admin, you can transfer the admin rights beforehand. Please also check if the person in question is the profile owner of one or more profiles or if there are still items assigned to them in Moderation. It would be best if you changed this before deleting and/or reassign the items.

Buy users

If your limit of users is reached, you can easily buy more users by chatting with us via this button. You can also contact your facelift contact person directly.

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