Company Admins are responsible for setting up and managing facelift. They can set users, teams and permissions, as well as global settings. Team Admins are suitable for structures with several teams that are managed independently.

Company Admin

Team Admin

Delegate Admin Permissions

💡 You can reach your Company or Team Admin on the homepage in the help area on the right via Contact your Admin.

Company Admin

As a Company Admin, you have access to all areas and contents in facelift. You are the contact person for facelift. You are one of the people in your team who knows facelift best and works with it regularly. You are also the contact person for your team in case of questions and are generally authorised to contact our support.

Your tasks and capabilities include the following:

  • Company set-up and administration (users, teams, permissions, profiles)

  • Company settings and security (login message, 2FA, data protection)

  • Global settings (labels, link handling, individual menu items)

  • Settings for the different areas

Team Admin

👑 This feature is only included in certain facelift plans. Find out about plans and prices here.

Team Admins are a useful addition to support Company Admins and allow teams to work independently.

Team admins can take over the administration of the users in their team, check their performance and edit their own team. In the overview of all users, Company and Team Admins are clearly labelled. Company Admins with a star symbol and Team Admins with a two-person symbol.

Delegate Admin Permissions

In the case of holidays or other absences, it can be useful to give the role of Admin, with all the associated rights and accesses, to a substitute to take care of the administration of the users.

  1. In the settings under Users, search for the user profile of the person who will be absent in the future (this can, of course, also be yourself).

  2. In the three-dot menu, click on Transfer Admin Rights.

  3. Select the deputy target user and the admin rights that are to be transferred.

💡 If the person whose rights are to be transferred has several admin rights, you must decide which rights are to be transferred. In this case, the admin limit for the account mustn't be reached. You can see your current admin limit in the user overview in the settings.

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