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Social media profiles or pages can be added and managed in the settings. To make them available to users, they can be assigned to teams that should work with the profiles.

💡 Company Admins will find all profiles for managing under Company Profiles and their own under My Profiles.

Add profiles

Both admins and standard users can add profiles with the appropriate permission. This applies to permissions in Facelift and the networks themselves.

You can add new profiles in the settings in the profiles section via Add Profiles. After you have selected the network, you continue with the dialogue in the network itself. You have to log in with the login data of the profile you want to connect to and authorise access.

Further help and instructions on connecting and updating the different networks can be found here.

Profile limit reached

If you have reached your set profile limit, please contact your Facelift contact person. You can reach the Customer Success Team also via this link.

Delete profiles

In the settings in the profiles section, you will find a three-dot menu next to each profile. Here you can select the option Delete. You must then confirm the deletion.

Profile owner

A profile owner can be assigned to each profile.

  • Profile owners can be notified by e-mail about expired access tokens and new items in Engagement

  • Profile owners are assigned all new items in Engagement

The settings for profile owners and e-mail notifications can be accessed in the three-dot menu in the profile or page settings of the respective profiles.

Assign teams

Each social media profile should be assigned to at least one team because your users can only work with the social media profiles they have access to.

As a Company Admin, you can manage all teams and all social media profiles. This means you can freely decide which teams have access to which social media profiles. As a standard user, you can only select the teams for access you are also a member of.

To assign teams to profiles, you can select one or more profiles and then select the relevant teams. If you select several teams simultaneously, one of the teams may be already assigned to one of the profiles you want to assign.

Here in the example, we see that team Space Inc. is slightly greyed out. If you want to assign Space Inc. to all selected profiles, you have to remove it from the list and add it again. You can then add your desired teams via the +.

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