In the Approvals section of the Publisher, you get an overview of all approval requests in which you are involved. This means all approval requests that you have to review and those that you have already approved or rejected, as well as all approval requests that you have submitted.

Structure of the overview

Approve or reject requests

Checking the status of requests made

Enable or disable email notifications

Structure of the overview

In the approval overview, you can see all the approval processes relevant to you in a table. You have the option of displaying only certain approval requests by using the filters in the drop-down menu. You can also limit the time of the deadline and search in the requests.

In addition to a short post preview and the name of the person who made the request, you can see the planned publication date, the networks and profiles, the status of the request and the creation date. You will also see a strategy ID that indicates which release strategy the request is based on. This information is especially important for the Company Admins.

For approval requests that expire in less than 24 hours, the publication date is displayed in red.

Approve or reject requests

If a team member has submitted an approval request to you or to the entire team, you will see it with the status to be approved in the approval overview. You can also filter by Requests to be approved by me to display only these approval requests. You will also receive an email when there is a new approval request for you.

Clicking on a request opens an overview on the right-hand side. Next to the title of the post, you can see the planned publication date, a possible release deadline, the person making the request, and linked tags. You can also take a closer look at the post, including the selected profiles, to decide whether you want to approve or reject it.

Then click on Approve or Reject and add a comment if necessary. If you want to reject a post, a comment is mandatory, if you want to approve it, it is optional.

Approved posts will be given the status Scheduled and will be published at the scheduled time. Note that posts without a publication date go live immediately after your approval. If you reject a post, it will be given the status Rejected and can be edited further or re-submitted for approval.

Depending on your permission set, you can use the three-dot menu next to the reject and approve buttons to force an approval or rejection in order to bypass the approval process.

Once you have rejected or approved a post, the person requesting it will be notified by email and will be able to see the comment. If it is an advanced approval process, the next approval step is now reached.

Checking the status of requests made

If you have submitted an approval request for a post, you can check its status in the approval overview. Requests that are still waiting to be reviewed have the status to be approved. You can also find them by filtering for My open requests to be approved.

If your request is processed by the respective person(s), the status changes to approved or rejected. You can also display such requests by using the filters My requests approved by others and My requests rejected by others.

If there is a reason for rejection or a comment on the approval, you can view this by clicking on the corresponding approval request. You can also get more information about the current approval process by moving the mouse pointer over the status field behind the post title.

Another way to view the status of your request and comment is in the post plan. There you can see the status of the post directly in the overview. Click on the corresponding post to go to the post overview. Move the mouse pointer over Last voting to read a possible comment.

You will also receive an email if there are any changes to your approval request. Note that you must have activated the corresponding notifications for this.

Enable oder disabel email notifications

E-mail notifications for incoming requests or status changes to approval requests are activated by default. However, you have the option of deactivating or reactivating them.

To do so, go to the menu item My Account and check or uncheck the box for approvals in the Email Notifications section.

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