You have the option to delete posts with certain statuses from your Post Plan. You can also permanently remove Facebook posts from the network via facelift. However, this is not possible for the other networks.

You need certain permissions for these actions. Contact your facelift Admin if you need these permissions.

Deleting posts from the Post Plan

Deleting Facebook posts permanently

Stop all publications

Deleting posts from the Post Plan

You can delete posts from the Post Plan so that they no longer appear in the overview.

To do this, the posts must have either the status Draft or Rejected. If you want to delete a post that already has the status Planned, the publication must first be stopped so that it can be deleted.

A post with the status Pending must first be rejected by you or a team member.

To delete a post, select it in the Post Plan. The post will open in the Post Creation. You can then remove it from the Post Plan by clicking on Delete in the three-dot menu next to the post title.

Posts with the status Successful or Failed have a final status and can therefore no longer be removed from the Post Plan.

Deleting Facebook posts permanently

For Facebook, you have the option to delete published posts from the network directly via facelift. It does not matter whether the post was published together with other networks or exclusively on Facebook.

Select the post in the Post Plan so that the post overview opens. Now you can select Delete Facebook posts via the three-dot menu next to the post title.

The corresponding Facebook post will then be removed from the network itself.

If it is a Facebook-only post, it will also disappear from the Post Plan. If it was also published on other networks, the deletion is noted in the post overview, as you can see in the following screenshot.

Stop all publications

facelift offers you the option of stopping all scheduled publications in the Publisher in an emergency. The function is only available to Company Admins and can be found in the settings in the Publisher section under Stop Publications. By clicking on the red button, you will be prompted to enter the password and the publications will be stopped.

All organic posts created via facelift that are either planned for the future or in an approval process are now stopped. They will be reset to Draft status.

Facebook ads can be paused in the Advertising section.

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