The Instagram interface (API) does not allow story posts to be published via the desktop. To schedule this type of post via facelift, only a few clicks are necessary in the facelift Mobile App.

Standard photo and video posts and carousel posts can be scheduled and published via facelift as usual. However, you also have the option to publish them via Mobile-App Publishing.

Steps in facelift

Steps in the mobile app

Steps in facelift

To publish an Instagram post using the app, select Mobile-App Publishing in the post creation, prepare the post and schedule it as usual. Under the item Notify on Publication, you can select which facelift users should be notified by email at the scheduled publication time.

The post will now appear in your post plan with the status Planned. The post will change to the status Pending at the scheduled publication time, and the specified users will also be notified by email. You will now find the post in your facelift App.

Steps in the mobile app

Switch to your facelift App at the scheduled time of publishing the post and follow the steps below:

  • Switch to the Publisher tab (make sure to filter by Instagram Posts).

  • Select the post. Click Publish Now to copy the text to your clipboard and save the images/videos on your device.

  • You will now be redirected to the Instagram app. Choose whether you want to publish the post in your feed or as a story.

  • Publish the post (text from the clipboard and images/videos from your device memory) as usual and make any final changes.

  • If you have scheduled the post for multiple Instagram accounts, go back to the facelift app, click on the account's name, and tick it off. Then, repeat the publishing process for the other accounts (make sure you are logged into the correct account in the Instagram app).

  • After publishing to all desired accounts, click the tick next to the Publish Now button in the facelift app.

  • The post will now have the status Successful in your Post Plan in facelift.

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