In the facelift Mobile App, you can find all the features you need for your Community Management and Publishing. This way, you can reply to messages, tag incoming messages, or assign them to your colleagues. You can also publish or save posts as Instant Posts on the go, as well as publish your pre-scheduled Instagram posts.

Download the facelift Mobile App directly to your iOS or Android smartphone.

Have a closer look at your messages

To open the detailed view of a message, just tap on the message and you can have a look at the details, such as image, video, text, and date of publication.

Resolve and flag messages

If you want to resolve a message, you can simply swipe to the right. To flag, a message, swipe to the left.

Delete, tag, translate and like messages

By clicking on the three little dots in the lower left corner of the message item, you can open the context menu for the selected message.

Here you can add and manage tags for the selected message, delete or translate a message, like and unlike messages and open any message directly on the respective social media network.

Change inbox

In addition to your own inbox, you will also find the other inboxes from the Engagement module in the facelift Mobile App. You may switch between the inbox for all items, your own, your colleagues' inbox, the "no owner" inbox, and the flagged messages. If you want to change the inbox, simply tap on the small triangle next to your inbox.

Answer with response templates

You can also respond to comments conveniently and as usual with answering. Once you have selected an item, you can select your template via the icon below

The requirement is that the answer template has been created in facelift on the desktop version and your team is assigned to the template.


If your inbox is crowded and you search for an item, you can use a simple search. To do this, you only need to open the overview of the inboxes and enter a search term into the search box on top of the inboxes. The facelift App shows you all the search results - no matter which person or inbox the open items are currently assigned to.

Your post plan in the Publisher

You can view the posts of the last 7 days and all future planned posts in the post plan in the Publisher. Here you can also find the status, the date and time, the selected tags, the campaign assignment and the internal briefing for each post. Use the network tabs to display the post for the respective network.

Publisher - Instagram

Do you have pre-planned Instagram posts? You can find these in the facelift App. Just select a post to all the view details. If you want, you also have the opportunity to publish a planned post immediately.

Instagram publishing

In the Publisher section of the facelift Mobile App, you can easily publish Instagram Stories among any other Instagram posting formats.

If you pre-planned posts for Instagram, you can easily publish them via the app. Here you can decide whether the post should be published in your feed or in your story.

To not get confused when managing multiple accounts, you will be asked to confirm the publication for your selected accounts.

Instant Post - publish posts on the go

To publish new posts on your social media channels, you don't necessarily have to log in to facelift via desktop - you can also use the mobile app with the Instant Post function on the go and publish posts with a photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Information on this can be found in the article Instant Post.

Switch to Dark Mode

Go easy on your eyes and turn on the Dark Mode. Enjoy engaging with your community, even in darker surroundings. Go to your user settings in facelift App and switch on the Dark Mode.


If you are a company admin, you have the possibility to contact our support via chat. For all other user, we provide our knowledge base section on the mobile app, too.

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