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Reply to incoming items directly in your feed

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All your connected profiles are united in our Engagement. It allows you to respond quickly and appropriately to all concerns of your community, either spontaneously or by using response templates. Answer messages, respond to reviews, check your mentions, and moderate comments below your posts.

💡 You can decide whether you want to close the item directly or just send a reply. If the person replies, a new, open item is created in either case.

Replying to comments and reviews

To reply to incoming comments and reviews, select the corresponding item from your feed in the left column. The items' context is displayed on the right, e.g. the post under which the comment is posted.

Depending on the network, you can decide whether you would like to reply with a comment or with a private message and additionally from which profile this message should be sent. This way, you can easily reply to inquiries on your pages with your profile. Type your reply into the text field, use response templates, or save a draft reply.

💡 If you want to reply to a comment with a private message, there is a reply period of 7 days for some networks.

Replying to a Google Review

Google reviews allow only one response by the reviewed company. This response can be edited. Therefore, the response is always attached to the feed item. When selecting the Google Review in the feed, the response is in edit mode by default.

Reply to messages

To reply to incoming messages, select the corresponding item from your feed in the left column. To the right, the context of this item is displayed.

For WhatsApp, there is a limited time (24 hours) to reply. This time window is intended to protect users from spam and advertising messages.

You can submit message templates for WhatsApp that allow you to respond even after 24 hours have expired.

Response Templates

Your Response Templates are on the right side of your answer box. You can also directly save an answer as a template by clicking on the symbol with the plus. Give your Response Templates a descriptive name, as this will be displayed as you select it. Work with placeholders that automatically insert the name of the person you are replying to.

💡 On Instagram and X, the placeholders are automatically replaced with the @handle (name of the profile).

💡 You can manage your response templates in the settings.

Reply Draft

You can save a Reply Draft using the button in the lower right corner of an item. The draft can also be seen and used by other Facelift users in your team.

Replying with a message template (WhatsApp)

If the 24 hours after receiving the message have expired, you can now click Create Message from Template. A pop-up opens where you can select the appropriate message template in the relevant language.

💡 Make sure that there are no placeholders left in your final answer.

If you click on Add Message, the message will not be sent directly. Instead, you can edit your text again or remove it from the reply area. If everything is fine, you can send it.

Using @mentions in a reply

If you want to mention profiles in your reply, you can type the @ sign and the name of the profile when replying. For Facebook, LinkedIn, and X, suggestions are displayed in a list from which you can choose.

It is currently possible to mention the following types of profiles via the API:

  • Facebook Business Pages

  • Organizations on LinkedIn

  • X profiles

  • Instagram profiles

For Instagram profiles, no suggestions are displayed. The correct Instagram profile name must be entered manually. It should also be noted that Instagram users can exclude such mentions in their privacy settings.

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