WhatsApp Business (WAB) is the first true B2C channel. It is fully encrypted, has swift transfer times, and seamlessly integrates with private WhatsApp - one of the most widely used private communication channels. WhatsApp Business allows your business to send WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp Business in facelift

Verify number

Create and manage message templates

Guidelines for templates

WhatsApp Business in facelift

WhatsApp Business in facelift works according to the Customer Care principle. With Customer Care, your customers agree to receive messages by sending a message to your company.

After a person has sent a message to your company, your company can respond with an individual message within 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can use message templates to reply. Message templates must be submitted to WhatsApp for review and meet WhatsApp's requirements.

Each WhatsApp message in your feed has its own timer that shows you the remaining response time of the 24-hour window. The 24-hour timer is reset every time the person sends another message to your WhatsApp Business account.

Verify number

After we have added the WhatsApp business account to your facelift, you can easily verify it yourself. To do this, go to your list of company profiles, select the corresponding WhatsApp number and go to Verify in the three-dot menu.

Now you can choose whether you want to receive the code by SMS or by phone call. The code is valid for 20 minutes. Enter this code in the field provided and click on Check Code.

💡 If you receive an error message, please take a screenshot of the error message and contact your facelift contact person directly before trying again.

Create and manage message templates

In the settings of facelift in the profile area, you will find the profile settings of the WhatsApp number:

There is a separate tab for the message templates, which leads you to an overview of any existing templates. You can also get here by going to Manage Message Templates in a WhatsApp item in Engagement.

  1. You select a category, enter a name and select one or more languages in which you want to create the template.

    💡 If you want to create a template in a language not available here, please get in touch with your facelift contact person.

  2. Formulate the message you would like to send. Replace any specific details with placeholders by clicking Add Variable.

  3. Submit the template.

You can tell the status of your template either by the colour (Green - Approved, Yellow - Pending, Red - Rejected) or by going to the template and checking the status at the top right.

As soon as the approval has been granted, you will find the message template for selection in your feed and can answer with it.

Guidelines for templates

The following WhatsApp Business guidelines must be adhered to; otherwise, your message template will be rejected by WhatsApp Business:

  • No advertising, no marketing, no coupon codes or similar and no surveys for data collection.

  • Neutral tone and choice of words

  • Avoid spelling mistakes

  • Clearly understandable names for templates, e.g. bus_ticket_details instead of a generic name like template_014

When formulating a message, you should also ensure that your message template fits into one of the 10 categories that WhatsApp Business has defined. If this is not the case, contact your facelift contact person to possibly find a solution for your use case together with WAB.

  • Account Update: Changes in the account settings (e.g. password change)

  • Automatic Reply: Generic reply if you were not online/available (e.g. after the weekend)

  • Personal Finance Update: Notifications about financial activities and transactions of the recipient (e.g. setting up a direct debit procedure)

  • Ticket Update: Changes to an event (e.g. change of date)

  • Alert Update: General news or changes (e.g. business hours)

  • Issue Resolution: Answers to questions, concerns or feedback (e.g. complaints)

  • Reservation Update: Changes to a reservation (e.g. cancellation confirmation)

  • Transportation Update: Change to a journey (e.g. delays)

  • Appointment Update: Changes to an appointment (e.g. change of time)

  • Payment Update: Changes to a current payment transaction or an order (e.g. payment reminder)

  • Shipping Update: Change in the dispatch status (e.g. dispatch confirmation).

If WhatsApp rejects your message template, please recheck the above guidelines or contact your facelift contact person afterwards.

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