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Your feed

In your feed - the left column of the engagement - you will find all incoming items of your connected profiles. You can easily filter your feed to define a structure or prioritisation. Save your individual filter settings as Custom Inboxes and adapt the incoming items to your workflow. For example, you can prioritise direct messages or manage the networks separately.

Your feed items

The feed items are designed with the same look across all networks to always have all options in view. However, there are network-specific, interface-related differences in functionality. When selecting an item, the context opens in the right-hand column next to it. More information about the person you are currently interacting with is displayed on the far right in the Inspector.

You can assign this item to a team member or yourself, add individual tags, answer in the free text field or use response templates. You can simply close the item if you don't see a to-do for you here. The three-dot menu provides you with further options, such as translating or deleting the content.

Your team

Work with your team. Start a discussion related to a feed item to get information or clarify open questions before replying. Use the sidebar to navigate to your team's inboxes - so you always have an overview of incoming items, even when covering for your team on holiday. As a (team) admin, you always have an overview of your team's successes in Team Performance. Here you can find key figures, such as replies sent and resolved items. Even if you are not an admin for your company, you can view your own key figures so that you can keep an eye on your successes.


To optimise your workflow and increase your productivity, you can create an automated tag logic with the help of keywords. As soon as you receive items that contain the corresponding words, they are automatically tagged. You can also use tags to set thresholds for warnings. This makes it easier to prioritise the items in your inbox.

For Facebook, there is also the option to automatically close items that only contain mentions or emojis. You can activate this directly in the page settings in the profile area.

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