Your feed is the place where all your items flow in. To keep an overview, you can filter your feed and create Custom Inboxes to suit your individual workflow. Even as a team, you can use the inboxes to structure your tasks.

Filter options

Custom Inboxes

Filter options

You have various options for filtering the feed in Engagement:

  • Predefined inboxes in the sidebar

  • Free text search

  • Individually adjustable filter

The predefined inboxes are mainly organised by owner. You can jump directly to your inbox to find all the items assigned to you. You can also find items that have been assigned to other members of your team, do not have an owner, have been flagged internally or have a discussion attached to them.

If you want to search for specific words or names, select the inbox you wish to search and use the search bar above your feed.

To customise your filter settings, first select the inbox you want to filter. Once you've done that, you can get started. When setting up filters, it is best to work from top to bottom. Two or more filters from one category are connected with OR in the filter. Two or more filters from different categories are linked with AND. With a click on Apply Filter, your current view is filtered but not yet saved. If you wish, you can also save your filters as a Custom Inbox.

The following filter options are available:

  • Unresolved/Resolved/All: Show only items that currently have either the Unresolved or Resolved status. If you select All, your feed will show you all open AND closed items and also those that have never been actively resolved (e.g. your own posts)

  • Warning: Only show items that have triggered a warning you have set

  • Flagged: Only show items that you have previously flagged in facelift or the Mobile App

  • Open discussions: Only show items that are part of a discussion that is still open. As soon as you start a discussion, the corresponding item appears in the feed for this filter. As soon as the discussion is closed, this item disappears from the filter results of the Open Discussions filter

  • Promoted Content: Show comments that are made on one of your promoted posts

  • @Mentions: Show mentions of your Instagram profiles and your Facebook pages

  • Hidden: Show items that have been hidden

  • Deleted: Show items that have been deleted

  • Profiles: Show items that you receive on the social media profiles selected here

  • Content types: Show only items that match the item type selected here, such as Facebook comment or Twitter message

  • Tags: Show items that carry the tags selected here (whether automatically triggered or manually added to the message)

  • Owner: Show items that are in the inbox of the owner selected here. If you are currently in an inbox other than the All inbox, the owner of this inbox is shown here as the preselected owner

  • Sentiment: Show items that have been assigned a positive, neutral and/or negative sentiment

  • Date range: Show items that have entered your inbox in the selected period

  • Facebook and Google Ratings: Show items that have received a certain number of stars in the rating

Custom Inboxes

To avoid having to set your filters anew every day to implement your workflow, you can save your filter as a Custom Inbox by clicking on Save Filter. If you have not selected a date range, all new incoming items will now run in the corresponding inbox. Nevertheless, they can still be found in the All feed at any time.

In this example, all open Facebook and Twitter messages with the tag Customer Complaint would be displayed and saved.

You can find the inboxes you have created in the left sidebar. Edit them at any time and decide whether you want to save the edited inbox as a new inbox or update the current one. If you have used complex filter settings and want to apply them to another profile, you can clone your inbox.

Generally, created inboxes are only visible to you. To collaborate with your team, you can also agree on an inbox structure. The inboxes can be shared with the team via the Team Assignment. Afterwards, everyone in the team can edit and delete the inbox.

👑 Team Assignment is only included in certain facelift plans. Find out about plans and prices here.

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