In the Templates section of the Publisher, you can create or access post templates to create posts based on a template. Content suggestions based on your Content Inspiration streams are also displayed as well as publishing templates for Facebook settings.

Post Templates

Content Inspiration


Facebook Distribution Templates

Post Templates

๐Ÿ‘‰ Creating posts based on templates

In the Post Templates section of the Publisher, you will find all the templates that you can use based on your team assignment. You have the option to browse the templates, make filter settings and switch between a list and tile view.

To create a post based on a template, click on the corresponding preview of the post template. Then click on Create post in the upper right corner. You will now be redirected to the post creation screen, where all the settings from the template will be applied. If you wish, you can make adjustments and then schedule or save the post as usual.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Creating post templates

Creating post templates differs from creating posts in only a few ways. Simply click on Create template in the post templates section of the Publisher. You can now prepare a post as usual, including channels/pages, files and text content. Click on Save to make the template available to your team members. They can now create a post based on the template. All settings you have made will be applied.

Instead of a publication time, you can specify the period in which the template should be available to your team members. You can also adjust settings for Social Share here.

If you want to inform other facelift users that a new template is available, save the template first. Now click on the small arrow next to the Create Post field and then on Send notification.

Content Inspiration

Content suggestions are displayed under Templates in the Content Inspiration section. These are based on Content Inspiration streams that you have defined. You can search within the suggestions and switch between the streams.

By clicking on a suggestion, you will be forwarded to the post creation, which is pre-filled with the selected suggestion as a link post. You can now deselect the networks on which you do not want to share the link. Now make the usual post settings and save or schedule the post.


Censhare is a content management system that you can add to facelift as a partner product. Create censhare feeds and schedule your content with censhare to publish it directly with facelift on all your channels.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Add censhare feed in the settings

First, a censhare feed must be created. You can find this option in the settings in the Publisher section under censhare. Click on Create feed and enter the corresponding censhare URL. You can also give the feed a name.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Use censhare feeds in the Publisher

Once you have added a censhare feed, you will find it in the templates section of the Publisher. Simply select the desired content from your created feeds and go directly to the post creation with just one click.

As usual, all the setting options for your post are available to you in the post creation. Please note that posts created with censhare feeds are published as link posts. Of course, you can use the link shortener to shorten these links.

Facebook Distribution Templates

Facebook-specific post settings can be saved within templates in order to use them in the post creation process. The profiles on which the post is to be published can be adjusted, as well as a possible time offset. In addition, the target group can be defined and business partners can be marked via branded content.

You can edit a template by clicking on it and delete it using the three-dot menu. If you want to create a new template, there are two possibilities. Either you use the button Create template or you save your settings directly within the post creation. In order to use the template, you can simply select it under the item Distribution in the post creation.

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