To get started with Facebook Advertising in facelift, you first need to connect your Facebook Ad Account.

👑 facelift Advertising is only included in certain facelift plans. Find out about plans and prices here.

Add Ad Account

Imported Campaigns

Remove Ad Account

Add Ad Account

You can find the option to connect a Facebook Ad Account in the Access Tokens section of facelift Advertising. Click on Connect now and you will be redirected to Facebook. Log in there and then select which ad accounts you want to connect to facelift.

💡 Importing an ad account is not possible if an ad blocker is activated in the browser.

After successfully linking your ad account, all the data stored there will be available to you:

  • All ad accounts connected with your Facebook user profile

  • All campaigns created so far

  • All ad sets

  • All ads

  • All creatives/videos

  • Your tracking pixel

  • All custom audiences (incl. website audience(s))

  • Alle targeting templates

If you use the Business Manager on Facebook, the account structures stored there will of course also be adopted for facelift.

Imported Campaigns

To optimise the management of campaigns, facelift offers a project level. Campaigns can be divided into projects.

Initially, the project Imported Campaigns is automatically made available. All previously created campaigns of your ad account are initially assigned to this project. You can create new projects at any time in order to create new campaigns and to manage existing ones.

Please note that projects that contain more than 100 campaigns cannot show all statistics. This is due to Facebook limitations. We therefore recommend that you assign your campaigns to dedicated projects.

Remove Ad Account

When you initially import your ad accounts, you can choose which ones you want to add to facelift Advertising. If you wish to delete one of these ad accounts, follow the steps below:

💡 Due to Facebook restrictions, the profile cannot be deleted in facelift itself, this must first be done directly on Facebook - in the profile or in Business Manager (if used).

  1. Log in to your Facebook profile

  2. Go to the settings of your Ad Manager on Facebook

  3. Check the settings

  4. Deactivate the account at the bottom of the page

  5. Now go to facelift Advertising

  6. In the Settings you will find the section Access Tokens in the left navigation bar

  7. Click on Refresh Token

  8. Click on Purge Cache

Ad accounts can only be deactivated. The final deletion can only be carried out by Facebook.

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